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About the Manor

The land on which the manor is situated was established in 1689 and is situated 220 meters above sea level and 140 meters above Muurat lake.  From this height the Riihivuori ski resort can clearly be seen in the East.  The view from the manor house opens up to a gorgeous view over middle Finland.

The highest and most noble place in Hirvivuori was reserved for the handsome main building, built in the 1860s. The manor house got electric lighting already in 1880. The house was remodeled in the 1990's bearing in mind its historical nature.  None of the historical façade was changed.

The builders of the manor, Heikki and Vilppu Hirvivuori were well respected men in the area and there are hundreds of stories about them.  There are enough stories to write a whole book on them.  The history of greater Jämsä includes a section called 'Hirv´vuoren Mäenkyläläisten Elämästä' or 'Life in Hirvivuori's Hilltop Village'.  The author that wrote this historical account, Lauri Kuusanmäki, has also written a book called, 'The Historical accounts of the house and its Inhabitants'.

Records tell that land previously named Hirv'vuori was sectioned into pieces in 1689 and given to the brother of the original owner.  The first modest building was dug out of the north side of the hill, made of stone and had a dirt floor.  The people and animals lived in the same building.  The ruins of this building are still visible.

Some time later Vilppu and his son Heikki built the grand manor house which was the best of eight houses in total and when a daughter was married she was given away with a house.  The work ethic of Heikki was near legendary.  People used to say that when Heikki would come home to sleep after a long days work and hang his pants on the clothes line, he'd be putting his pants on to work again before they would stop swinging.

The Hirvivuori manor became well known during the years of famine as they had a good stockpile of grain from previous years and all the people that came to ask for food were allowed to sauna and get cleaned up as well as given a good meal by Reetriikka, the always busy lady of the house.  The house was repaired and decorated in 1905 and 1910.  The estate included at its best more than fifty (50) buildings and dwellings.

The main income of the manor from the 50's until the 70's was the garden and thoroughbred horses.  Some of the horses were well known such as Little Black (Pikku Musta) and Dona Saltum.  The current owners of the manor purchased the land in 1976 have made many renovations.  The Savupirtti cabin built in 1905 was restored and renovated to today's standards in the 1990's.

The manor boasts a spacious living area with a total of 280m2.  The downstairs has 100m2 complete with a full size kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, sauna and shower room.  The loft upstairs is a spacious 50m2. There are 9-12 beds and beds for children. 

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