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The manor boasts a spacious living area with a total of 280m2.  The downstairs has 100m2 complete with a full size kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, sauna and shower room.  The loft upstairs is a spacious 50m2. There are 9-12 beds and beds for children. 

Included in the guest quarters are:

  • Inverter heat pump (heating / cooling)
  • Dishes
  • Coffee maker
  • Freezer / refrigerator
  • Electric stove
  • Wood burning stove
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Fireplace / Bread oven
  • Television
  • Satellite antenna
  • Radio
  • Washing machine
  • Sheets and linens
  • Cleaning (with agreement)

Privacy is all yours as the two doors that enter the living area are from the outside.  Please be patient as these pictures load.  They may take some time.

Aerial View of Hirvivuori's Manor House and Grounds There is plenty of green plants and fresh air.  This is an aerial shot of the grounds.  The yellow house on the right most side is where you'll be staying.  The other buildings are stables and sheds.  
The spacious living room has many cozy places to chat and long tables to seat several people.
Stone fireplace in the living room What a lovely way to stay warm.  This fireplace in the living room will help keep you warm on a winter night or give you a place to roast hotdogs on summer nights.  This fireplace also has an oven in it where you can bake bread or other things. 
Through the skylights in the loft you can watch the light summer night skies or the twinkle of the wintery starlight.
The peaceful nook in the loft is an ideal sleeping place for the young ones in the family.
The spacious kitchen will allow you to cook as you would normally. There is a refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, toaster and oven.
Comfortable beds in the two separate bedrooms ensure you'll have a pleasant nights sleep.
When you wake up, you can see the surrounding nature straight through the windows.
You can enjoy the gentle steams of the sauna.

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