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Photo gallery of the activities and surrondings of Hirvivuori:

Fabrizio De Sanctis was accommodated in Hirvivuori Manor again during the Neste Oil Rally 2009.
Fabrizio and his crew have stayed with us for several summers during the Rally.
Happy faces.
Fabrizio's farewell party.

The students of the adult education centre finished their Spanish language course at Hirvivuori Manor by cooking some paella in 2008.
Proper clothing highlighted the Spanish-styled evening.
The spacious living room is perfect for lectures and training sessions.
You can also arrange memorable parties and other special events in our traditional living room.
The long tables can be easily rearranged for anniversary dinners or birthday and wedding receptions.
The magnificient view from the top of the Hirvivuori is as Finnish as it gets - vast forests with glimmering lakes.
The nature is surrounding the Hirvivuori Manor: if you're lucky you can see a moose feeding in the field right in front of our windows.
Rabbits are also frequent guests on our fields.
The male black grouses have entertained us with their courtship dances for at least 30 years now.
You can rent a small boat with an outboard motor from us and go for example fishing on the lake Muuratjärvi near by.
Enjoying a sunny day on a boat on the lake Muuratjärvi.
The fire on the beach celebrates the Midsummer sun and the nightless nights.
The trees turn into wonderful warm tones of red, orange and yellow in the Autumn.
The Autumn colours are gilded by the sun.
Beautiful colours dance in the sky as well.
The strawberry fields of Hirvivuori.

On the Hirvivuori estate there are also some mysterious ruins of primitive dwellings where both people and animals lived together in the 17th - 18th centuries.

Neste Oil Rally 2006 (WRC)
Hirvivuori Manor accommodated WRC driver GIGI GALLI with his co-driver JOHN BERNACCHINI and the BSA Team during the Neste Oil Rally. Gigi and John drove successfully and got the 5th place in the rally. Congratulations to Gigi and the team, and let's hope that next year he'll top the record for the longest jump of the rally that at the moment is 55,5 meters.

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Neste Rally Finland 05(WRC)

You can easily access one of Central Finland's biggest summer events, Neste Rally Finland, from Hirvivuori.  Our manor is only 3 km from the route of Vellipohja special stage (33,3 km). We rent parking space for caravans and RVs and we also provide good landing area for helicopters. 

Hirvivuori co-operates with Jyväskylään Ltd, an official partner of Neste Rally Finland. 

See larger picture... 2005 we had a special Neste Rally guest staying at Hirvivuori: Fabrizio de Sanctis with his wife Yvonne, his co-driver Juri Rosignoli and his car technicians. Fabrizio's car was numbered 84 and he had decorated it with a relevant message as seen in the picture; this year's rally in Jyväskylä is no less than the 20th that Fabrizio has participated in. At the same time he and his wife were enjoying the peaceful countryside and the Finnish nature, which he appreciates greatly. We at Hirvivuori thank him and his crew for choosing our services and wish them good luck in the rally.
See larger picture... You can take our rowboat complete wth motor to the near by lake (Muuratjärvi) for a peaceful time on the water. The lake, which flows into lake Päijanne, is unspoiled and unpolluted.
Peaceful paella making with the friends from Spain.
National archive's curator Jussi Kuusanmäki donates a book titled "Elämän menoa entisaikaan", written by his father Lauri Kuusanmäki, to the master of Hirvivuori. The book tells about the people of Hirv'vuori and their lives since 19th centaury.
See larger picture... Here's a new hobby: these gentlemen are playing petanque.
See larger picture... A dandelion field; full of flowers, and fresh air
See larger picture... Welcoming the visitors to the manor are the old elm and the bell that used to chime before lunch or dinner was served.
See larger picture... The new barbeque "hut"
See larger picture... It is nice to grill some sausages, have a warm cup of coffee or juice and eat  some gingerbread cookies or Christmas porridge after a day in the forest, finding a perfect Christmas tree. This event takes place every winter.
See larger picture... Picking berries in the summer time
See larger picture... Hunting of birds and hare in the Autumn
See larger picture... One example of the evenings entertainment
See larger picture... Art courses
See larger picture... Sheep in the grass
See larger picture... A little scenery
See larger picture... Some of the local flora
See larger picture... A little more scenery
See larger picture... If you look closely you'll see the moose in the middle
See larger picture... Winter landscape at Hirvivuori

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